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Re: [pct-l] fwd: the theory of dirt bike destruction

Oooh, wow such a big brutish tough guy!  What we all wouldn't give to meet
such a dreamboat like you; what a dream to be swept away by someone with as
exotic a name as "Scar" to be carried through the woods on a big rumbling
ATV!  I know why I'm going to the woods next time.  God this turns me on!

Long live the tree huggers and wimpy barbed-wire stretchers!

GA->ME '95
São Paulo, Brasil
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> >I just wanted to make a comment to the websit article
> >I just recently read. 
> >I found this very offensive and it honestly pissed me
> >off. 
> >I would like to address all those shallow minded idiots
> >that think dirt bikes and atv's destroy the forest land.
> >COME ON, these types of off road vehicles do no
> >more damage than the average hiker. On so many
> >occasions I find myself stopping and shaking my
> >head at the campsites left by our friendly campers,
> >of course they have continued their wonderful joy
> >walk, but have left behind a lifetime supply of plastic,
> >for I dont know maybe the birds to clean up. And
> >here we have you our nice tree huggers, constantly
> >whinning about us dirt bike riders, when we have
> >the goverment slaying our forests and wildlife, with
> >not even a slap on the wrist.
> >But it boils down to one thing, all those ones who
> >complain about dirt bikes, and the damage they do
> >are the same ones, who are to scared to try them.
> >And a note of caution to you: if I ever catch any
> >of you wimps stretching barb wire across our trails,
> >then dont expect to make it out ot the woods alive.
> >
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