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[pct-l] Dehydrated Refried Beans

>Does anyone have a good mail order source for dehydrated refried
>beans?  I'm trying to beat $.33 a serving or $2 for a 7 oz bag.


Try a natural foods store. I got my supply of dehydrated refried beans at
one. Don't remember how much but a lot cheaper than $2 for 7oz for sure.
They also have black bean and split pea, both good in my opinion. Just
don't buy too much chili which is horrible after a while. Corn pasta elbows
and potato flakes can also be obtained there. Another great thing to stock
up on is parmagan cheese! The above mentioned in various combinations was
the bulk of my dinners on the trail last year. This stuff is far cheaper
than "designer" mail order foods like Mountain House, and good energy too.

			Happy trails,

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