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[pct-l] Hey there

Hey there,
	My name is Kristian Whitsett and I am a freshman at Oberlin
College in Ohio.  I do not know if I have this mail list thing down yet,
but hopefully it will get to everyone.  Anyway, I am from Orinda CA (near
Berkeley) and am thinking about through hiking the entire PCT over the
summer of 1999.  I would only like to take one semester off of school,
thus I either have to start the trip after Jan. and finish in Aug., or
start the trip in June and finish before Jan.  Any suggestions??  I know I
have a lot of other stuff to think about before I commit to this idea, but
I just want to know if it is even feasible.  I really would like to do the
whole thing, but maybe I'm being unrealistic.  Anyway, responses would be
Thank you,

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