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[pct-l] Re: Aqua Dulce, PCTA Membership

Hi Ron,
Thanks for all the great info -- I got back on the net after being off for awhile and then 
decided to stay off until the topics got less childish. Glad to know that you and Dave managed 
to work things out off-line -- that is where most of the last couple of weeks tirades should 
have taken place!

On 03/27/98 09:31:32 you wrote:

I visited Aqua Dulce in October, and the Century 21 office is still
>there.  The phone number is available in the PCT mileage book, available
>from the PCTA.

Janice and Joan are the greatest of PCT Angels.  I believe their number may have changed, Joe 
will have the new number at the PCTA.  I am still at my Mom's or I would get you their new one.  
Walt got the new PCT mileage book at the end of our trip last year, it was fantastic not to have 
to always figure out how many miles from here to there or there to here-- we highly recommend 
that those that don't have one purchase one from the store

>	Of course, this assumes you are a PCTA member.  I would like to post
>the idea that anyone who has the resources to do a thru-hike or section hike
>of the PCT should feel compelled to join the PCTA.  Membership costs so
>little, and does so much for the trail!  The trail you will be hiking
>wouldn't exist without the PCTA, and the contributions of thousands of
>volunteers and members.  Plus you get access to a wealth of information
>about current trail conditions, like the phone number of the Aqua Dulce mail
Walt and I want to add our thanks to Joe, Bob and all the PCTA members who did trail 
maintenance, etc.  Being able to get current trail conditions that are posted on their toll free 
number is an invaluable service. We would also like to add our encouragement to Ron's for those 
of you who are hiking the PCT this year, next year, or perhaps thinking of hiking it in the 
future, to become PCTA members.  Each of us can make a difference in maintaining and preserving 
the PCT by helping the PCTA in their mission.  Our species made the trail and we are the species 
who will destroy or create havoc on the trail, unless we join together to preserve it.  We too 
are concerned about damage to the trail.  Strip logging up north is a grave concern and not just 
for the trail but for the whole area.  Only YOU can make a difference -- please help the PCTA in 
their fight to keep the trail a wonder for many generations to come. Walt and I will have 
memories of our hike last year and this years for a lifetime, don't deny our children's children 
the same memories. We also hike the AT and are PAT members lending our support for the east 
coast's long distance trail.  If anyone would like to help preserve the AT, please contribute to 
their cause too. Thank you Ron for bringing up requests for others hiking the trail to become 
PCTA members. We LOVE the PCT!

Pat   #:~)   Happy Trails Couple

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