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[pct-l] April start?

April is not a good time to start this year due to El Nino, IMO.  I 
would suggest the first two weeks of May at the earliest.  You might 
think you are getting a head start and an extra couple weeks in which to 
finish the trail, but in actuality you will be wading through 
unconsolidated snow in southern CA.  Those starting in mid-May will most 
likely not have this problem and will end up at KM around the same time
frame since they won't have to cut their mileage in half due to snow 

Those starting in mid to late April last year didn't have any problems, but 
this year seems much different.  I would suggest getting yourself mentally and 
physically prepared to do the trail in 4.5 months instead of 5 or 5.5 
months.  It's much easier to go 4.5 months w/o snow (excluding High 
Sierras) than 5 or 5.5 months while wading through snow in southern CA.  
I think a May 15 to October 1 trip sounds pretty ideal this year.  Any 
comments on this suggestion?

Jeremy Rice 
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