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[pct-l] what i want for christmas

ho, ho, ho it's a white christmas!

dear santa,

i'm getting ready to hike the pct and
greatly need some advise on snow conditions
and starting dates.

it seems the snow totals are running at about 140% between storms and
around 200% just after storms.  i was going to leave on may 7th.  then
i thought may 11th.  now i'm thinking at least may 14th. (and boy 
oh boy, santa, i'm getting really itch-y to quit my
job and get away from all these loonies)

for this special march christmas please send some
well weathered ideas and advise about hiking the pct
in heavy snow years.

yours truly,
jeff gillon

ps: i left you some gorp at the trail head and
a glass of powdered milk

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