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[pct-l] admin note, and forwarded message from dan rufner

Listers please be advised that if you post a messge with certain keywords
in it,  it may not get through to the list.

Majordomo thinks it is being smart by intercepting commands like
"unsu*bscribe" "su*bscribe" and "he*lp" in the titles of messages, and they
get forwarded to my admin mailbox instead of geting posted to the list. (I
had to put the *s in for the message to get through)

For a complete list of these words, send a message with the word "he*lp" as
the body to <majordomo@saffron.hack.net> (take the * out)

===============Here is one of those messages====================

To: pct-l@saffron.hack.net
From: drufner@ucsd.edu (dan rufner)
Subject: he*lp in San Diego

Start time is fast approaching for those headed out thru hikes.  Not to be
discouraging, but the Laguna Mountains just got dumped on, more on the way.
Hope that El Nino sun will melt all of it quick.

I know many are stressing about starting out in San Diego, so hope I can
help a bit with some info about hotels and getting to the trail.

First, where to stay:  Here a few listings for downtown San Diego, near
Amtrak, Greyhound, and the trolley to Campo.  Rates are for a single night:

-- YMCA (619) 234-5252  $23.95
        ***A great, cheap idea.  Can call day ahead for reservations
-- Downtown Youth Hostel/Baltic Inn (619) 237-0687  $20
-- Hotel San Diego  (619) 234-0221  $39
-- Thrift Lodge  (619) 2324-6344  $40
-- Pickwick (619) 234-9200  $49.95
        ** This is a convenient, nice place but costs more
-- Banana Bungalow (619) 273-3060  $18
        **** This is a great place, right on the beach, but not too close
to downtown (15 minutes).  Lots of interesting drifters pass through here.
Plus, its close to our house!

Last year we were able to house a couple of hikers at our place, a small
beach apartment.  Those who stayed can attest to the size.  However, this
year we are in the midst of CDT planning so we barely have room for

Second, getting around town:
San Diego is tourist, so it easy to use public transport. I would suggest
if you are staying a few days to plan or chill don't stay downtown but
closer to the beach where it can be cheaper and has more life.  Sara and I
may be able to help pick up from transpo places or for quick errands, so     
let us know.

Third, getting to the trail:
You all know the trolley and bus info, so I won't bother.  Our offer from
last year stands that we MAY be able to get you to the trailhead in the
morning or when you arrive.  Last year got nuts, so we would like to say
that we will go on any Wednesdays, possibly Monday, and maybe other days
but not as likely that we will be available.  If a group can go we can rent
a van for cheap, but right now we have only one small car (my wagon just
died so we sold it to save money for our hike) so that may make it tough,

Anyhow, check by e-mail (the easiest) or call (619) 488-5657 if you need
any other info on our area. Also, Joe at PCTA, feel free to pass the info
out to callers not on the list!

See you on the trail!
Dan and Sara Rufner  PCT '96

>At 12:34 PM 3/29/98 -0800, you wrote:
>>I'm scheduled to arrive in San Diego (via Amtrak) late (1 AM) on April
>>14.  Am looking for recommendations  for a not too expensive, but in a
>>decent part of town hotel that can get me from Amtrak and to the bus/
>>trolley for Campo later in the day.  Any recommendations?  Thanks Jeff

>One of the bigger ones down there is Banana Bungalow....

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