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Re: [pct-l] Late season JMT / PCT hike

As I recall from our hike last year the PCT between Tualumne Meadows and
Donner Summit was generally well-marked.  We carried the guidebook pages for
that section, which helped us identify the correct trail at some questionable
junctions.  Our only serious route-finding problems occurred where snow
covered the trail.  That shouldn't be a problem in September unless you get an
early-season storm.  (Always possible, that.)  

Be aware of well-educated bears in northern Yosemite.  I suspect this is where
they relocate the bad-actors from the valley.  We had our only run-in with
Yogi while camping near Glen Aulen.  Big blond black bear which we named
Brenda.  Very smart.  She'll check you out if you camp around there.  Use the
bear poles at the campsite rather than trying to hang food in a tree.
Brenda's technique is to climb the tree and tear the limb off.            
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