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[pct-l] High Country Thoughts

     There's been considerable talk recently about the use of fires/stoves in
the high country.  I won't add fuel to the debate here other than to suggest
that all of us who have been there must share a great love for the best the
PCT has to offer.  For me, at least, the high Sierra is a special place.

                                THE CHURCH OF 10,000 FEET

                                                               Words by

     1.  Sunlight blaze through morning mist,
          Shadowed frost outlines the trail.

          I climb higher, toward the pass,
          Searching for my mystic grail.


          Place of worship, without limits,
          Tired hiker, take a seat.

          Gaze in awe on God's creations,
          Here where earth and blue sky meet.

          Leave all sadness down below, 
          Here in joy our spirits meet.  

          Heaven and Nature sing out loud here,
          In the Church of 10,000 feet.

     2.  There's a price we pay to visit,
          This high place of rock and sky.

          Most would say it's just not worth it,
          We find peace here, we know why.

     3.  What cathedrals imitate,
          We find here where cold winds blow.

          Icy pools reflect tall spires,
          Bathed in twilight's Alpenglow.

     4.  God's good children never die,
          They move to a higher place.

          I believe they first pause here, to     
          Acclimate to perfect grace.
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