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[pct-l] Section A Trail Conditions

Class of '98,


On March 29, snow level was down to 2,400 feet in Section "A." That's lower
than any point on the trail except Scissors Crossing (Highway 78 and S-2). 

Snow, mixed with rain, was falling at the PCT's southern terminus for most of
the day (Sunday). Heavier snowfall continued north of Interstate 8 into the
Laguna Mountains. There was 18" of snow in the Laguna Mountains on March 30;
chains were required for ALL vehicles.

Sunday - Rangers at Lake Morena County Park advised not beginning a hike from
the border to the lake stating that "most hikers" are not capable of
completing that distance in one day with a full pack. They consider the last 5
miles (Hauser Canyon to the lake) to be very strenous. They also mentioned
that the two-or-so streams that must be crossed would be "raging" since that
had had 4.5" of rain there on Saturday.

Monday - The sun was shining early in the day at Scissors Crossing. David
Craft (Greensboro, NC) bagan hiking south from there this A.M. The forecast
indicates another winter storm on Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning.

Charlie Jones

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