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[pct-l] Re: PCTA/Horses

	God Bless you, Brick. I whole-heartedly support your position. As an
equestrian AND backpacker, I can honestly say that there is very little
damage done to the trail by recreational equestrian users. In fact, I
managed an equestrian endurance ride in the Piutes that actually was
beneficial to the trail! Not only did the hooves of 60 horses really groom
the trail tread, but because I had to make the trail safe, I was able to
get the Forest Service to remove at least 1/2 dozen downed-trees that had
fallen across the 3 miles of trail that we used (these trees had been there
for years!)
	As a PCTA Trail Coordinator (since August) I have been out on the trail
quite a bit. I agree that it's a drag walking through horse manure, but the
worst section for that is the section southwest of Tehachapi-Willow Springs
Rd., where wild horses roam down the trail. How you gonna keep those guys
	I tell people who call me about the trail that a lot of it is not safe for
horses, which I believe is true. Consequently, only very experienced
equestrains ride long sections. The PCT is *not* a horse-friendly trail and
never will be. Therefore, I don't think we need to worry about excessive
equestrian use of the trail. What we *DO* need to worry about is the
excessive use of motorcycles on the trail. Now there's a cause we should
all be united on! I know because I'm Trail Coordinator for the section that
traverses Jawbone Canyon OHV area.
	The PCTA is a wonderful organization that has put in thousands of hours of
trail maintenance. Without their endless work, the PCT would just be an
overgrown rut! Those who criticize these selfless individuals are simply
	That's my opinion. Now, I dare you to say something derogatory about my
pack goats........

Carol Barrett
Tehachapi, Ca
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