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[pct-l] Tyvek

	My father is a contractor and this gives me easy access to Tyvek,
so I decided to try it out on my Spring Break in rainy Oregon.  I found
out three things.
	First, the Tyvek is lightweight, easy to setup, and waterproof)
assuming you know which side is supposed to be waterproof).  I was very
pleased with it after 4 nights of almost constant rain and even some light
	Second, the Tyvek is very loud when you move it around or when the
wind hits it.  It has a very unnatural metallic sound to it.  It reminded
me of shaking a piece of tin or heavy duty aluminum.  Like most things
you get used to it.  But, I feel that the PCT should be treated as a
wilderness experience and I'm not sure if the added sound is necessary.
	Third, my Tyvek shelter was a billboard for the company.  The name
and address of the company were printed in large letters all over the
stuff.  If anyone else would have been around to see it I would have been
embarrassed to tell them that the eyesore was mine.  Again, this goes back
to the wilderness experience for me.  I don't like a lot of commercialism
all over my gear.  I realize it's a give and take process, but it should
be kept to a minimum.
	If anyone has other experiences with Tyvek I would appreciate
hearing them.  Thanks

	Ryan Hunter

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