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[pct-l] Re: pct-l-digest V1 #436

>Jacob B Barowsky wrote:
>If I understand you correctly this means 8" of rain will melt approximatly
>10" of snow. Although rain may not be as effective at melting snow as
>sunshine it is hardly negligable.

Yes, if the snow density is 10% (10" snow = 1" water), 8" of rain at 50
degrees F. will melt 10 inches of snow. We don't know the snow density, but
its water equivalent is the important number anyway. Assuming the snow
receives 8 inches of rain and that its temperature is 50 F., then it should
melt around 1 inch of the 45 to 80 inches of snow being reported at the
snow sensors. Negligible? I think so.


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