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[pct-l] Re: Wildflowers in Sections A and B

Just saw a terrific spot on CBS news this evening about the carpeting of
flowers in the Mohave due to the unusually high amount of precipitation this
year.  They said seeds that were as old as 20 years were finally finding it
possible to bloom.  The film clips were fabulous.  Anyone have any idea as
to whether the flowering is going to continue through April or peter out
before then along Sections A and B?  A couple of years ago Organ Pipe Cactus
NM had a similar situation, but the flowers only lasted for about 2 - 3
weeks.  My wife and I missed the best part and we drove 1800 miles round
trip in a weekend to see them.   We did get in a couple of neat day hikes,
though.   I'd sure love to see the hillsides covered with California poppies
along the PCT!

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