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Re: [pct-l] Question about that wood burning stove

At 05:24 PM 3/27/1998 -0800, Michael Vazquez wrote:
>On the plus side, I would lose that 18oz fuel bottle and fuel, lose that
>stove maintenance kit and lose that reliance on a complicated piece of gear.
>I would also lose the fear that said stove would break on me, fuel would
>leak on my gear or I would run out of fuel.

Well, Mike, I have been testing my zip stove under highly controlled

First, I would say forget the Cu mod I did.  The Cu softens seriously under
field conditions and is not a suitable replacement for the heavy iron.

Second, charcoal briquets and natural charcoal (such as from a campfire)
are nearly spark free.   That does not apply (probably) to unburnt wood,
altho it (spark free) does apply to newly dropped pine cones.   Four
briquets or one medium cone each last about two hours at low speed.   But
you can't do much at low speed except simmer (which the zip does very
well).   More info later.


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