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[pct-l] Question about that wood burning stove

Hi All,

   My intent was not to start a war over fire regulations, etc. which seems
to have started because of my original post.  I only wondered if zip users
would have any special problems and if so, do those problems outweigh the

Whether or not FS rules apply to zips vs 'ordinary' stoves, I don't know,
hence my question.  My gut reaction (also based on the only sign I ever saw
in a national forest) is that a stove is a stove is a stove and a fire is
something you light that is on the ground surrounded by an ugly fire ring
(the sign said NO OPEN FIRES, except for stoves).  In regard to fires that
are above the tree-line, my limited understanding is this rule was because
of the long term damage a fire ring would cause and the limited amount of
available fuel (all such dead and down fuel being critical, ecologically
speaking). I don't think they were worried about the potential for a forest
fire (tundra fire?), though I can see where this would be a beneficial side
effect to the rule.

I also don't see the remaining ash as a problem, just pack it out like you
would trash.  I am more concerned about whether rangers frown on these
stoves (though the only thing I was ever asked was if I had a stove, not
what type it was).  And this question was from idle curiosity as the only
time I ever camped near a ranger, was my first ever camping trip, and ...
well, I won't go into that lecture, lets just say I'm more bear wise while
cooking now <g>.

I am concerned about fuel availability (how many twigs would I need for two
15 min burns), soot problems, battery life, etc.

On the plus side, I would lose that 18oz fuel bottle and fuel, lose that
stove maintenance kit and lose that reliance on a complicated piece of gear.
I would also lose the fear that said stove would break on me, fuel would
leak on my gear or I would run out of fuel.  I can think of ways around
battery problems, use flashlight batteries (it's a backup anyway).

Well enough of this, if someone has these answers great,

Thanks in advance,


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