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[pct-l] Barrel Springs

Someone mentioned recently that there was no water flowing from Barrel Spring
(A13) into the trough.

I was there today and can add the following information:

The 8" or so of water in the bottom of the trough can be used if one has a
water filter. If one wishes to treat water with iodine, I'd recommend climbing
the hillside to the spring itself and collecting water from there. 

I checked the pipe from the spring down to the trough, but could find nothing
obvious wrong with it except there is no water flowing from it into the

I don't know if restoring the water to the trough is a PCTA Trail Coordinator
responsibility or if the property owner is responsible. Perhaps Joe in the
PCTA office knows who needs to be informed of this failure so they can
initiate repairs before the big surge of through-hikers reaches Barrel

Charlie Jones
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