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Re: [pct-l] GPS on the PCT

   Phil, I tried not to hike with _anything_ I didn't absolutely need
(weight!), and I never found route-finding a big problem - or knowing
where I was on the map (within reason). There were a couple places where
I zoned out and walked right past very obvious trail-markers, and I had a
few moments of panic when I couldn't locate springs instantly, but a GPS
wouldn't have made a difference... 
   I think they come in handy more for tricky long cross-country stuff,
or when you have to rush blindly through unmarked terrain (like on some
hunting trips where hounds are involved) then have to find your way back.
   OTOH, I have a friend who can get lost literally anywhere, and he has
the unfortunate tendency to "wander off" as well. Somebody like that
could use all the help he can get! [G]     bj

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