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Re: [pct-l] Resupply at Agua Dulce

On 03/26/98 14:34:00 you wrote:
>Does anyone have the telephone number or address for the Century 21 
>office in Agua Dulce?  I understand they hold packages for hikers.  The 
>directory assistance had no number for Century 21 in that town.  Have 
>they moved?

My last contact with Bernic and Joan at the Century 21 had their phone number at 805-255-2142.  
Both of these ladies are the very best of Trail Angles.  Last year they were opened all week-end 
for us.  Walt and & hurried from Sol Dad Canyon where we spent the night at the Birds Nest 
Campgroung.  As we arrive on a Saturday (this was the rule rather than the exception), we 
hurried to Agua Dulce and could have taken our time.  There is a register to sign in and they 
have current trail conditions brought to them by various trail volunteers. 

Joan was fantastic to us. Both ladies opened the Century 21 doors provided, a bathroom, coffee, 
tea (we left money in a can for them)and let us use their phones (with our cards of course) for 
personal business--can't say enough about these "Sweet Water Angels!"  Agua Dulce has a church 
that will let you use their yard and facilities, Joan and Bernice will have more information.  
The town also has grocery store (they are trying to cater to us when we go in -- talked about 
getting a laundromat so we could wash but they were running into complications with sewer hookup 
last year) with a deli sandwiches etc.  The Mexican Restaurant was great, the Restaurant across 
the street was also great, hardware store -- had fuel, a mini store across the street but no 
Post Office (they were thinking about getting one back again).  You could call and rent a car to 
go to REI from there, we know of several people who did.  The next section can be water 
unfriendly -- the spring in the section from here to Jack Fairs was terrible, but check around 
the area, others found a better source than we did.  

We had wanted to give you a couple of trail suggestion earlier, but things got hectic here.  
Don't forget to check in with Bob and Joe at the PCT for trail conditions and also alternate 
routes if you need to change your path. Both of them were so wonderful to us -- and I can't say 
give enough accolades about the service they provide us.  The PCTA phone number is 1-888-PCTRAIL 
-- Yep, it's toll free!  I believe Joe is going to get information out on the water source at 
Barrell Springs. We wished we had taken the bus into Julian at Scissors Crossing.  We had to 
wait at the Cottowood grove to let the temp go down anyway, why not into town. Ron Vaughn gave 
some great info here, hope you copied it. If you decide not to go, the water source is better 
back further where water cress grow! In getting to the trail head from the creek, go up the car 
road to the sign that says to Julian and take a left up into the foot hills.  The climb is 
steep, especially with all that added water, there is a good spot up on the saddle if you can't 
make it to the camping area, much cooler. 
Only a few more weeks until you and Scott are on the PCT -- how exciting.  I remember when you 
E-Mailed us last year and wished us well.  We send both of you both our very best for a spring & 
summer filled with adventure under the sun!


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