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[pct-l] re: GPSs

Phil writes:
 Are they (GPSs) a good idea for the trail? 

I haven't tried GPSs on the trail (I have used them vehicle roof mounted for 
ground truthing, in a work-related situation however). Granted, they're a 
lot of fun and I believe they could come-in handy in featureless terrain 
with limited views (like here on the East Coast), but given the generally 
wide-open views of the PCT, it's just as easy to triangulate your position 
off of known features with a map and compass (that one should be carrying 
with a GPS anyway). In trimming-down one's pack weight, that would be one of 
the first items to go in my book. 

In '82 I had a fair amount of snow-bound travel where the trail or blazes 
weren't seen for days. Navigation with map and compass was VERY rewarding. 
There was a day north of Lake Tahoe when I was under thick forest cover with 
maybe 200 feet visibility max. The trail was buried and walking meant 
winding around melt-outs around the trees. The guidebook showed the trail 
beside a small pond about 3 miles away. Setting my compass to that bearing, 
I arrived at that pond, arms in the air with joy. One of my most memorable 
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