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Re: [pct-l] Fire Rules - alpine especially

In a message dated 98-03-26 10:04:27 EST, csmith@lib.drury.edu writes:

<< I agree with Birgitte's argument considering fire in alpine areas, i.e.,
that alpine areas can support a fire, tho' not in the sense of a raging
wildfire; these fragile environments can be damaged. ...  I do _not_ support
the building and use of fire in areas where "no fire"  rules are in effect. >>

So far, so good, Craig.

<<But I also agree with Dave G. that inappropriate rules/laws do exist and
should be "beaten" until they reflect real-life situations that center around
applications of justice. ... But to support the idea of civil disobedience ...

Sorry Craig (and Dave), IMHO, civil disobedience steps "over the line." While
this regulation is in place, all of us as good citizens (and responsible
campers/hikers) should abide by the regulation while we are in those areas
named in the regulation.

I DO support Dave's latest action in contacting the USDA (FS) to find out
their intent / interpretation of this regulation. I am anxious to hear what
they have to say and I know that Dave will share their comments with us. 

Once we learn the FS's "intent" of the regulation, then we ALL need to abide
by the regulation (whether we as individuals agree with it or not) until we
can lobby and have it changed.

Charlie Jones
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