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[pct-l] New bear canister: less wt., $

The envelope containing my Wilderness Permit (for JMT, with Whitney
stamp) included a brochure for a new, lighter, less expensive bear
resistant food canister called the Bear Can.  From the brochures: 

                     Garcia Model 812        Bear Can
Weight (lbs.)        2.7                     2.3
Size (in.)           8.8 x 12                8 x 12
Cost                 75.00                   65.99
Days food            6                       5-6

"The Bear Can is designed and built by aircraft engineers, ... 
features...easy access from both ends...6061-T6 Aluminium." 

The Bear Can's 1-year warranty will replace it "if an animal breaks
into (it) and steals your food."  (Brochure does not mention

I already own enough Garcia's, but if you are interested:

The Bear Can
PO Box 4507
Oceanside, CA  92052 (US$ check or money order)
760-938-3277 (credit card)

Happy trails,

P.S.  Save the bears

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