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[pct-l] twisted panties/Bullfrog Lake

 Dave Gomberg  writes:
>I am afraid you take this whole bit [No Camping  Bullfrog Lake/one-night
limit >others/bear box situation etc] a lot more seriously than I do.  I
>can't get my shorts in a knot about some bureaucratic rules. [snip] 
Relax.   Dave

   Golly, all I did was post an innocent/polite query you about the
logistics of your commercial resupply venture; reading the above response
(if it means what it implies) _does_ kink my underwear a bit, tho....
Phew! Where's the Valium/citation-book?....      bj
   --- and  re the No Fires regulation & others: the trouble with
personal interpretations of any rule, is that, human nature being what it
is, the "interpretation" usually closely resembles a loophole favoring
the interpreter. I Personally [G] recommend staying out of the
lawyer-territory grey areas at the edge of regulations and walking the
clear-cut Straight 'n Narrow path. (That would save you the problem of
debating the Morality - not to mention the weight! - of carrying that
"pot-bellied stove" you posted about into No Fire areas.

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