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Re: [pct-l] Re: zip stoves

At 07:25 AM 3/25/1998 -0800, Birgitte Jensen wrote:
> it's Obvious that 1) burning pine needles,
>sticks, & stuff, which 2) throws off sparks & 3) can seem extinguished,
>but re-ignite later &4) tends not to be packed out entirely, constitutes
>an Open Fire. 

Gee, that's not at all obvious to me (except maybe point 2).  If I packed
in a stove (like a pot-bellied stove) I am 99.9% sure that is NOT an OPEN
file (it is an ENCLOSED one), no matter what I burn in it that might not be
packed out, or can relight, or is pine needles, sticks and stuff.

From a safety point of view, be sure it is out and don't burn near
flammable stuff.  And don't remove trace elements from an Alpine
environment.  And don't leave ugly scars (like ash piles).   That's about
it, it's real simple.
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