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[pct-l] Bullfrog Parcel Service

I just had the crazy idea to do a parcel service at Bullfrog Lake, more
specifically at the junction of the PCT/JMT and the Onion Valley trail (via
Kearsage Pass).   I would pack all the stuff in using freighter packs and
just want to cover expenses (driving from SF and miscellaneous trail
expenses), nothing for my time (it should be fun)!    The parcel service
would be open from June 19 to June 22 to pretty well cover the Jardine
recommended northbound itineraries.  I figure I could haul in about 100
pounds and my expenses would be about $300, so that would be $3 per pound
(or pint, for the light weight/high volume shippers).   Would anyone want
to use such a service?   If so I will try to work out detailed
specifications so we can see if it is practical.  It would save a walker 18
miles of walking (over one more pass) and a couple of hitches to
Independence.  I could haul out trash too, so you don't have to pack it to
Vermillion Valley.  And take mail and phone messages.   Please let me know
if you think this would be useful.  If this item is too commercial for this
list, I apologize in advance.    

Dave Gomberg	mailto:gomberg@wcf.com
FormMaestro  <http://www.wcf.com>
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