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[pct-l] Re: zip stoves

Interesting to know, I sense this would then apply to alcohol canister type
stoves including the homemade tin can type?  Most of these are open flame,
no shut off stoves.  Also, would this include candle lanterns as well.
Don't mean to be silly about this, but if the regulations are so strictly
interpreted about zip's, can these other items be far behind.

As for my original question, I'm still undecided.  I admit losing that fuel
bottle looks attractive.  But not if I have to worry about a fuel source
above tree-line.  Just not enough data to make a decision, may have to
borrow one somewhere and try it on my own.

Thanks for the inputs,

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Subject: [pct-l] Re: zip stoves

>   Somebody posted earlier about FS fire regulations re Zzip stoves; I
>checked, and it seems they are not considered backpacking "stoves" at
>all, but Open Fires - which if you think about it, is what they are...
>When a certain level fire restriction prohibits open fires, that includes
>the Zzips. If backpacking stoves only are permitted, you can't use a
>   BTW, one part of the definition of "backpacking stove" is that the
>device must have a  shut-off valve: you gotta be able to turn a
>knob/throw a switch etc. and instantly stop the fuel from burning -
>blowing out the flame or dumping water on the burning twigs doesn't count
>[G] That's good to know, huh?         bj
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