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[pct-l] Mojave Motel

In February, Karl Brandt re-posted the information about White's Motel in
Mojave in answer to my inquiry.

While doing some Mojave hiking on the PCT last weekend, I stayed at Whites and
found it to be as Karl said. Thanks, Karl, for the tip about the rooms in the
back. Good advice.

 White's Motel 
 16100 Sierra Hwy, 
 Mojave, CA 93501-1520
 Phone: (805) 824-2421

Here's some additional info to add to Karl's data:

Reservations: 800-782-4596
FAX: 805-824-0708
E-Mail: whitesmotel@hughes.net

P.O. Box 666
Mojave, CA 93502

Charlie Jones
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