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[pct-l] JMT: June or Sept

Joshua writes:

>Advice needed:
>For a novice backpacker wanting to do the John Muir trail who has the choice
>of a June trip or September trip, which is recommended. And will an ice ax
>be needed for this section of the PCT?

If you truly are a novice that is venturing out on his own, then I would 
definitely recommend the September trip. The passes will be clear and no ice axe
will be necessary. Also the creeks and streams will be very very easy to ford by

The June trip would be more challenging but you would have the opportunity to 
meet some of the PCT through-hikers during your adventure...So if you think you 
have the skills, that would be worth considering also.

Either way, you will definitely enjoy that section of the PCT...

Good Luck

Randy "GBear"
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