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[pct-l] re: waterproofing

Ken Marlow writes:

> I purchased a pair of boots
>last weekend (yes, the guy with the blown-out ankles finally settles on some,
>'98 Asolo Globalines, heck, they're lighter than my old Asolo Yukons). Prior 
>to applying the Tectron, I applied a coat of REI's seam lock (?) on the 
>stitching of the uppers. I've heard conflicting opinions regarding this 
>stuff, such as "leads to premature stitching failure". I don't know if this 
>is necessarily true.

        I did the same to my Raichle leather boots two years ago.....I
haven't seen any stitching failures yet.  On a trip to Alaska I also found
that in wet undergrowth the ordinary gaiters helped.  But still the insides,
by my toes, were damp after two days.  But not *wet* like my companion's
feet, he didn't use either but had similar leather boots.  That seam sealant
wears well though, I must say.
        Of course, in BW, gaiters make no diff if you're canoeing (Steph
didn't mention if the BW trip would be canoeing or not)  as you're getting
in and out of the canoes into squishy marsh ground or even water.  If that's
the case you are definitely better off with just sneakers....
Kevin Corcoran
Palmdale CA

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