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Re: [pct-l] re: Alan / NGS cameras

At 01:12 PM 3/20/98 -0900, you wrote:
>  Tonight, my almost 14-year-old son and I catch the redeye from Anchorage to
>Las Vegas to fulfill another fantasy I had before I read that NGS article.
>not win millions of dollars on a slot machine!  Rather, to hike from one
end of
>Grand Canyon to the other, inspired by Colin Fletcher's "The Man Who Walked
>Through Time".  Though I lived there over 20 years ago and I should have done
>this hike then, had I done so I would not have the wonderful opportunity to
>accomplish this fantasy with my own son (who I had never envisioned way back
>then).  We will not be doing quite the trip Colin did, but we are using
this as
>a shakedown for an even longer trip in a couple of years.  


I too was inspired by the NG article and book on the PCT and read Collin
Fletcher's "The Man Who Walked Through Time" in preparation for my 1977
thru hike.  

Recently, my mother was approached by one of her friends who mentioned "I
read a really good book about a long hike that maybe your son would be
interested in.  Isn't he the one who took a really long hike?"  She loaned
my mom a copy of the above Collin Fletcher book.  I enjoyed reading it
again twenty one years later.  

Another book that I read in preparation and that I highly recommend is
"Desert Solitaire" by Edward Abbey.  Excellent, excellent!

Greg "Strider" Hummel

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