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[pct-l] Re: zip stoves

My brother and I used a zip stove for a week on our PCT hike and we didn't
think it was a good thru-hiking stove.  We found that it took twice as long to
cook dinner, you had to constantly tend the stove instead of relaxing, your
pot got all black and sooty, you had to collect bits of wood, smoke blew in
your face, you had to carry spare AA batteries, and the stove weighs more than
a Whisperlight.  Saving fuel weight sounds great at first, but I would have
rather carried a couple more pounds than go through the time and effort it
took to cook with the zip stove.  As a thru-hiker, I found my hiking time was
more important than saving a pound of fuel weight.  People carry a light pack
so they can hike farther, but taking twice as long for dinner only decreases
your hiking time.  Also, you can bring a Trangia 28 that weighs 6 oz and 9 oz
of fuel and it would be the same weight as a zip stove and MUCH more
convenient, IMO.  I would never bring a zip stove on a thru-hike again, but I
think it would work good for a weekend hike.

Jeremy Rice
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