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[pct-l] Re: 410

At 08:03 AM 3/21/1998 -0800,  Ken Marlow wrote:
> I'd like to progress to lighter boots but my ankles turn on a 
>heart beat.   Excercise 
>to increase the strength in my ankles (with an larger amount of fear of 
>another twist), 

Ken, I have distorted your post a bit here but would like to make a
suggestion.  Find somewhere you can walk in sand.   A beach, a long kids
play area, anywhere.   Then start by strolling in lightweight "boots" from
New Balance or ... and increase the intensity with more pack and then
progress to lighter shoes.  This will strengthen both your ankles and your
thighs (oh will it ever!).  I do 6 miles with pack at a whack and I can
sure feel it the next day.  But I am not afraid of hurting myself on the
sand so I can exercise without fear.   And the training is GREAT.   Go for
it.  Strenghten those ankles and you can  probably do the trail in
ultra-light boots.  I don't think in your case I would recommend anything
lighter (like trail running shoes).
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