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[pct-l] Re: Superfeet

Hi Beth, it is great to hear from you again, isn't the frenzy great!  

On 03/20/98 18:02:06 you wrote:

> I am planning to have two sets that we leapfrog ahead in our drift box.  
The idea is that we can pick up clean clothes, do the laundry, and than 
send the freshly washed t-shirt and shorts ahead.  Does this work or are 
the post offices and laundromats miles apart? 

Your idea for two sets is great, two would definitely be better than one.  
My drift box will now include an extra set for each of us, clean clothes 
are so wonderful after you have lived in dirty ones forever! Much healthier 
too.  I also sent myself some small boxes of soap in the mail -- you can 
get change almost anywhere, last year I sent myself lots of quarter, it was 
extra postage weight!

I am taking care of my Mother at her home (she is 90) while my sister takes 
a much needed break until April 9th and my post office/laundromat 
information is at home so I can't give you any specifics. I can send you a 
list for Southern Cal when I get back.  I believe there were several people 
that posted current conveniences at the various towns since December.  If 
you made a copy of it, check that and then calculate where you need to send 
the drift box.  A second set of clean clothes could be leapfrogged by 
themselves also, the PO has a $3.00 priority box that is very reasonable.  
I know the Rice Brothers bought cheap T-shirts in town and wore them until 
they got to another town, washed them or threw them away-- made sense to me 
and saved some postage too.  Pants were another matter and so were socks 
and town shoes.  It is great to have an alternate pair of shoes but make 
sure they have good support or walking in them in town my cause you a 
problems back out on the trail.  

>What is Superfeet?

Superfeet are support liners for your shoes, like orthodics but definitely 
not that expensive and achieve the same purpose, they provide more ach and 
heel support.  I believe they are around $20-30 a pair but WELL WORTH
the expense.  Take your shoes and socks you will be hiking with and try 
them out at the store with the Superfeet.  Most shoe stores now carry them 
and so do Wal-Mart and K-Mart.  They can be more expensive at your sports 
stores. Walt and I are taking alternate days here at Mom's and walking 8 
miles in 2  1/2 hours, the asphalt is hard on our feet and legs, but 
without our orthotics/Superfeet, we could be injuring our feet for the 
trail instead of strengthening ourselves.

I couldn't remember if I mentioned sending catalogues in the drift box or 
not.  Enjoy the frenzy, it is part of the adventure.  How is the training 
going and when are you and your husband leaving for Campo? We hope to see 
you out there.  Our plans are to pick up the trail in Sierra City on June 

Pat -- Happy Trails Couple 

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