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Re: [pct-l] re: Alan / NGS cameras


>   Tonight, my almost 14-year-old son and I catch the redeye from Anchorage to
> Las Vegas to fulfill another fantasy I had before I read that NGS article.  No,
> not win millions of dollars on a slot machine!  Rather, to hike from one end of
> Grand Canyon to the other, inspired by Colin Fletcher's "The Man Who Walked
> Through Time".

I, too, enjoyed Fletcher's book and got my first real taste of the
(other than on a trip to Havasupi a couple years ago) this past
during a meandering Rim to Rim hike.  I know the canyon is off-topic for
this list but let us know how your trip goes, something about your
ary, when you return, Alan, and hope you enjoy(ed) it!

-- Mark
Mark Drury, http://www.drury.com
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