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[pct-l] re: Alan / NGS cameras

Ken said-

>Hi Alan,
>   Yup, that PCT book that Will Grey and Sam Abels produced for National 
>Geographic was given to me the Christmas after a JMT thru-hike in '77. I 
>held the dream of a PCT thru-hike since recieving that book, and finally saw
>it realized by taking the first steps at Campo on April Fools day in '82. 
>Both Will and Sam continue their carrers here. I got Will to sign the book. 
>I haven't had the opportunity to meet Sam.


  For me, it was the National Geographic article in June 1971 (? not sure of the
date).  I was staying at a friend's house, perusing NG's when I spotted the
cover and read the article inside.  I had never heard of the PCT but when I
read about Eric Ryback and saw the photos of him and that he took (newborn deer
and waterfalls), I of course said to myself "I'm going to do that, too".  Never
mind about Eric, I was inspired.  I've had many fantasies in my life, most
unmentionable, but that was one that actually came true, because I made it come
true.  I owe National Geographic a debt I can never repay!
  Tonight, my almost 14-year-old son and I catch the redeye from Anchorage to
Las Vegas to fulfill another fantasy I had before I read that NGS article.  No,
not win millions of dollars on a slot machine!  Rather, to hike from one end of
Grand Canyon to the other, inspired by Colin Fletcher's "The Man Who Walked
Through Time".  Though I lived there over 20 years ago and I should have done
this hike then, had I done so I would not have the wonderful opportunity to
accomplish this fantasy with my own son (who I had never envisioned way back
then).  We will not be doing quite the trip Colin did, but we are using this as
a shakedown for an even longer trip in a couple of years.  Unbelievably, this
will be this old geezer's first long distance hike (though 125 miles is fairly
paltry compared to the big one's) in 20 years, having traded long hikes for
long ski, bicycle and canoe trips as well as just family life.  I am not in
absolutely wonderful shape but if I could just get one step for every diaper
I've ever changed, I will easily make it!
  My best to folks on this list.  I've been brought up to speed by all of your
suggestions, and I've even bought (Horrors!!) NEW GEAR for this trip. 
Unfortunately, since I ripped the Tyvek label off of my sleeping bag, I won't
be carrying any Tyvek at all.  Now there's a contemporary trail moniker:

Happy trails-

Alan (Soon to be dead of one-too-many Simpsons retellings by his son as we walk
all day long)
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