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Re: [pct-l] camera and drift box

Hi Mark, 

Walt and I used an Elf Cannon Camera, the main drawback was that slide film 
processing has not been perfected yet, otherwise it was great.  Cost wasn't 
that bad for prints and developing, we sent it to Clark for development.  I 
always get a double set and my highest total came to $11.89, there were 
always several panoramic pictures we had taken but the majority of the 
shots were 4X6's. The cost included postage to me, but postage to them was 
free. The ELF camera weight was great and I thought the pictures turned out 
very well-- of course they weren't up to National Geographic standards.

As to the drift box, we sent ourselves a drift box about every other mail 
pickup.  The drift box became very important to us and saved us big bucks 
for some items and we couldn't always find items we needed or wanted, 
especially from Kennedy Meadows on. Items we sent were; extra meds (both 
pharamacy and over the counter -- Tylenol PM, Benadryl, etc.), mole skin, 
toenail clippers, extra socks (several pair -- toss out old ones), extra 
Superfeet, hand cream, chapstick, rope, pens/paper/address labels for drift 
box/postcards (bought at bigger towns)/stamps, t-shirts & shorts so we 
could wash our clothes, phone cards - great on the trail and we will use 
these this year, addresses/phone numbers (extra set), book to read, film, 
batteries - all kinds, insect repellent, stove/tent/etc. repair kits, 
deoderant, foot powder, bandannas, teatree and peppermint oils, duct / 
packing tape/, and whatever foods we were craving. Every box is personal, 
but to get a better idea for what you might need, imagine your self coming 
into town with a store that has very limited supplies.  What can't you get 
here that is important to you? Buy these items when you can and then put 
them in the box, it may cost more in postage but you won't do without! 

Hope to see you on the PCT -- Pat   Happy Trail Couple  #:~)

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