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[pct-l] camera and drift box

Speaking of the Olympus Stylus Epic, I ordered one just this week from B&H
Photo. They have it on special right now for only $109, my local camera
store wants $175. The camera actually weighs in at 4.7 oz. minus film and
battery, is water resistant, can focus to 14 inches for macro shots and
takes great pictures. A photogapher friend of mine has looked at pictures
taken with this camera and claims it the best he's ever seen with an
inexpensive point and shoot, comparable to an SLR.

The real reason I wrote: Does anyone mind posting their experiences with
using a drift box. I'm packing my resupply boxes and wondering about the
concept of using a drift box for filling up containers of sunscreen, soap
etc.. Is the drift box something you end up putting together as time goes
on, or is it something you planned from the beginning. What other things
would go in the drift box, what are the advantages and disadvantages of
using one.

Thanks, Yeti

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