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[pct-l] re: Alan /NGS cameras

Hi Alan,
   Yup, that PCT book that Will Grey and Sam Abels produced for National 
Geographic was given to me the Christmas after a JMT thru-hike in '77. I 
held the dream of a PCT thru-hike since recieving that book, and finally saw 
it realized by taking the first steps at Campo on April Fools day in '82. 
Both Will and Sam continue their carrers here. I got Will to sign the book. 
I haven't had the opportunity to meet Sam.

That would be a good idea to get in touch with Sam Abels regarding camera 
questions.  Some of the responses to my question has gotten me to look at 
the camera situation in a new light. Although I liked the results of my old 
SLR and have been unhappy with the photos from my light point-and-shoot, it 
sounds worthwhile to investigate point-and-shoots with quality lenses, in an 
effort to keep the pack weight down. Picking-up my 35-200 mm lens makes me 
wonder why I'd ever want to carry it on a trip.

-Ken Marlow
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