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[pct-l] San Jacinto Update


Some friends of mine snow-camped at Round Valley (elev. 8,960 feet) a few
miles east of San Jacinto's peak last weekend. The hi temp for the day was 24
degrees, with a wind chill of 1 degree; night time low was 10 degrees. 

There was a 7-8-foot base of snow. They had 8 inches of new snow fall
(resulting in an almost "white-out" condition) as they hiked in from the tram
on Saturday. 

If you get there early enough, perhaps you'll still find their igloo standing.
It's large enough for 16 people to huddle in, so it should be great for for
two (or more) to camp inside.

The PCT passes San Jacinto on it's west side at an elevation near 8,880 feet
just to give you some reference of Roundy Valley to the trail.

Now about that ice axe, ... will you need it or not ?

Happy hiking,
Charlie Jones
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