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Re: [pct-l] Side Trip near Bishop

>As a kid I packed out to a place called Hungry Packer.  I know it was
>out near Bishop, just off the PCT.  I think it is near Lake Sabrina.
>Does anyone know how I would get there from the PCT and/or which USGS
>maps I would need?  Ted, of TednDeb

  Sure, I was there Halloween '96.  7.5' topos for the area are Mt
Thompson and Mt Darwin, depending on your approach (don't you _hate_ it
when a place is in the corner of a map!?). Hungry Packer Lake is about
6-7 miles from Sabrina; you just follow the trail around the reservoir
and up to Blue Lake. There are a couple paralleling paths (one more
suited to stock than another) heading past Dingleberry Lake to H.P. Are
also a couple of side-trails to other lakes, like Baboon, Emerald,
Moonlight, etc...
   As you know, the route I'm describing is outta Bishop, and not along
the PCT. To get to H.P. from the PCT, you'd have to climb over one of a
couple of "cross-country " passes from Sapphire Lake (north of Muir Pass,
but South of Evolution Valley - on the PCT, right?) I used the cl 2 one 
_not_ in November, but on another mid-summer trip. It would probably be
better as a snow-mountaineering hike (in good weather, natch, and with
crampons, etc), but I was by myself, and... Anyway, once over the ridge
(I think it's called Wallace Col (since it's by Mt Wallace), which you
work your way up to (not hard, just time-consuming) you make your way
through much steep, wobbly talus (ugh!) and loose scree over to the bench
above Echo Lake, then around and down to the use-trail that goes near
H.P. I did it the other direction, from Echo Lake, which made the scary
(to me) stuff more uphill, which I prefer. There's another, slightly more
direct way, but it's cl 3 and I think you can even head directly from
H.P. but it's much more difficult (read: dangerous, etc).
  As you can see from my quickie description, no one would consider
Hungry Packer lake to be "just off" the PCT - unless they were the
proverbial flying crow [G]    bj

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