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Re: [pct-l] San Diego Trolley

In a message dated 98-03-17 13:23:55 EST, dazier@powernet.net writes:

<< Does anyone have the phone number for the Trolley system that will get us
from San Diego to Campo.
 Any help will be greatly appreciated. >>

The trolley doesn't go that far east in San Diego County. What you want is the
Southeast Rural Bus company.

Their name, number and a "schedule" to Campo posted on this list by
RSV@crai.com (Vaughn, Ron) a few weeks back is shown below with the corrected
company name and local telephone number.

The Southeast Rural Bus schedule to Campo:     (619) 478-5875  
  leaves El Cajon Transit Center at about 3 p.m., arriving Campo at about 5

Charlie Jones
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