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Re: [pct-l] New on the list and dogs

Svein --

1.  Dogs are not really good long-distance hikers.  They will try to keep up
till they drop, or their feet get so beat up they can't continue.  Their feet
need protection.  Also, I understand that dogs aren't allowed in the National
Parks.  Still, they are good companions.  All this can be dealt with if you
have someone who can meet you at resupply points and take the dogs when
necessary to give them a break or ferry them around a section where they
aren't welcome.  

2.  Water is scarce for the first 600 miles, i.e., till Kennedy Meadows.  A
filter is highly recommended on this section because much of the water that is
available will be scooped out of cow prints.  North of KM you can trade the
filter for an ice axe.  My own feeling is that filtering in the Sierra is not
necessary as long as you use some common sense choosing the water source.  

Hope this helps.
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