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[pct-l] Tyvek alternative

One extremely easy way to get ahold of Tyvek gratis is to head down to your
local post office, give them some business, then depart with perhaps 12 of their
Priority Mail envelopes, which are, in fact, a very lightweight version of
Tyvek.  Remember - these are free.  The PO makes money mainly through postage.
Once back home, cut the envelopes open lengthwise to create a single-ply
Tyvek sheet of perhaps 15 x 30 inches.  Lay these sheets out on the floor,
overlapping slightly, to match the approximate footprint of the tent, tarp,
etc.  Then, remove the backing on each envelope's self-stick adherent and
simply glue each envelope to the other.  Overlapping helps to minimize gaps
between each sheet and increases the "structural integrity" of this bizarre
creation.  A final step might be to duct tape where each sheet meets up
lengthwise, creating a more water-resistant design.  I wouldn't recommend
this method for creating a tarp, but for a rip and puncture proof groundsheet
that's reasonably water-tight, and weighs about 5 oz, it ain't bad.  Mine has
lasted about 800 trail miles and is still going strong.  Plus, you get to
flaunt the USPS eagle symbol while setting up camp.  A guaranteed head-turner.
<g>  Go ahead - question my sanity...
- Blister>Free
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