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Re: [pct-l] Lightweight SLR cameras?

Ken Marlow wrote:
> I've been using standard (and lightweight) instamatic style cameras, the
> past few years, in an effort to reduce pack weight. I've been generally
> disatisfied with the pictures though. They never had the clarity of those
> taken with my old SLR. Any ideas out there for a lightweight SLR. I'm
> narrowing my search to a fully manual camera. . . .

I'm not sure how much you wish to spend, Ken, but here are a few
suggestions, all cameras that I have experience with, in ascending
order of cost:

Olympus OM-1, OM-2 or OM-10 with a 28 or 35mm Olympus (Zuiko)
lens.  The OM-1 is a small, light, fully manual SLR (if memory
serves).  You may surely pick one up used for ~$100 or so and
the lens may cost about the same.  I owned an OM-1 for years
and am still fond of the camera.

Nikon FM2n with a 28 or 35mm lens.  An excellent manual SLR that,
unfortunately, is getting a bit pricey: I've seen them for sale
new via mail order with a USA warranty for $549.  A gray market
model is considerably less.  The only thing on this camera that
requires a battery is the meter, so if your battery fails the
camera is completely functional so long as you're comfortable
estimating exposure.

Nikon 28Ti and 35Ti.  Not SLRs, really, but these little gems
allow you to focus manually and have Aperature Priority mode,
as well as having full auto and built-in flash, to boot.  The
lenses are *very* sharp.  If I were going to hike the PCT I'd
take one of these.  The only problem is the price--the 35Ti
costs ~$650 mail order, the 28Ti about $980.  Check out Nikon's


Good hiking,

-- Mark
Mark Drury, http://www.drury.com
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