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[pct-l] Re: Mojave


I took a day trip out to the eastern Mojave desert this weekend to dig 500
million year old trilobites!  FYI, the desert is beginning to bloom with
all of the rain we've had.  Everywhere is a green carpet!  It has been a
long time since I have seen it this green.  The butterflies that hit my
windshield were full of the bright yellow pollen of the first flowers to
bloom.  Weather was 70 degrees, sunny and windy (about 7 -10 knots) thru
the later afternoon.  "98'ers, if you leave around April 1, you will
probably hit a lot of snow on San Jacinto, San Bernardino's and San
Gabriels, but the good news is you may catch the desert in full bloom!

Good Luck '98'ers!

Greg "Strider" Hummel  
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