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[pct-l] Re: pct-l-digest V1 #418

At 12:00 AM 3/14/1998 -0600, Ken Marlow wrote: 
>I've been using standard (and lightweight) instamatic style cameras, the 
>past few years, in an effort to reduce pack weight. I've been generally 
>disatisfied with the pictures though. 

I am going to rephrase Ken's question as:  What camera should a lightweight
backpacker take to get really good pics?  If optical quality is a top
concern, look for a Rollei 35 at a photo swap meet.  Be sure to get one
that works great, doesn't matter how it looks.   This is a full frame 35mm
and I would guess it weighs about 7 oz.  If you can compromise a bit on
quality, consider a zoom "drunk camera" (the kind you can use while totally
drunk, no focus settings, no exposure settings, etc.)  These are also about
7-8 oz.  Look in Consumers Reports for reviews of drunk cameras.  The
Rollei 35 will be hard to find.  Another option if you are slightly crazy
is the half-frame 35mm camera (made in Switzerland) Tessina.  It is only
about 4 oz..  The drawback is that you have to buy special film cartridges
for it.   But it is way cool.

Soon you will be able to buy a good LCD camera (electronic) that is v.
lightweight.  But not quite yet.  And expensive.

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