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[pct-l] wind pants

RSV@crai.com writes:
>I would like to know where I can mail order a selection of inexpensive,
>light weight wind pants.  Most of the stores I visit usually have
>multi-layer Gore Tex (too heavy, too expensive).  I would like to find
>something cheap enough to toss when they wear out, and so light they 
>aren't a burden after riding in my pack for a week.

   Don't know a thing about mail order, sorry, but... I use(d) those
light nylon elastic-waisted/ankle-cuffed "exercise pants", or whatever
they're called. People buy them for jogging, to put over their shorts
before they warm up (maybe they're called "warmup pants"?), and after
they're finished, to avoid a chill. I have several pairs, all weigh from
6-11oz, have pockets and sometimes velcro closures on same (quite handy,
actually), in various colors - I prefer black (slimming, ahem) and a
snazzy metallic-silver. Cost me from $.50 to $1.50 at various local
thrift shops. They were in brand-new condition, BTW I can't imagine that
they'd cost more than $5-$15 retail, but it's a waste to buy them that
way (or, even more, to get $$$ prestige-brand like North Face
equivilents), since I sense (from their omnipresence at thrift-shops) 
that many people buy them as part of a "fitness program" then discard
them soon after.
   Very campactable; you just roll them up & stuff them someplace (in a
pocket , if you have a big one). I found them great for chilly early-am
hiking (get the ones with nylon zippers halfway up the calf, so you can
slip them easily over your boots/shoes), and while _they are not
waterproof_ kept light rain/snow from soaking my regular hiking pants (I
could sit on damp logs and keep my butt dry, for instance). Also, on cold
nights that went beyond my sleeping bag's rating, or when I was
overly-chilled from exaustion, I wore them to "bed" as a kind of
vapor-barrier. Kept my bag dry/clean and me quite a bit warmer - and yet
didn't leave my legs damp with perspiration, either. They never get
stinky, or stain; dirt just brushes or sponges off. If you want to wash
'em, they dry in no time at all, as you can imagine.       bj

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