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[pct-l] Rigging a Tyvek tarp

Hi all,

I'm curious about how people have rigged Tyvek tarps.  The tarps I've used
in the past were made of nylon and had multiple loops or ties sewn along
each edge.  Usually I would rig a line between two trees, and use that line
to anchor one edge of the tarp.  The result is a functional "lean to" like
structure.  I often used other ties in the middle of the tarp to pull up
the back to create a bit more head room, shed rain better, and generally
tighten things up.

With a Tyvek tarp, I was planning to use a sheet bend to attach lines at
the corners.  I was also planning to tie a loop around small stones or
Styrofoam balls to rig pullouts.

I was wondering, though, about the best way to attach a Tyvek tarp to a
line.  I'm concerned that my "lean to" rig would be vulnerable to wind
damage if the tarp is only attached at the corners.  I could add more tie
outs (the small stone system), but every time you do that you bunch up some
of the tarp and create "droopy" spots.

Perhaps, though, the right answer is to switch to a different pitching
system where the corners are all close to the ground, and the body is
pulled up in several places (or by a center ridge line).

Anyway, if you've had success (or failure) with a Tyvek tarp, I'd love to
hear how you pitched it and what size tarp you used.


-- Jim Mayer

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