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Based on a reread of my journal from 1997, here's a small tip for 1998

The first reliable water source after Campo is at Lake Morena, 20 miles into
the trip.  The next reliable water is from Boulder Oaks Campground and
Store, 6 miles later.  Burnt Rancheria Campground has water 16 miles later.

All of these sources are from developed water supplies that do not require
treatment.  Do yourself a favor, and send your water filter to yourself with
your first drop at Mt. Laguna.  You'll save yourself 42 miles of haulage,
and 3,000 feet of climbing with an extra pound.  Makes those first few days
a little easier (you'll need every break you can get!).

You could also take a chance and send your tarp to Mt. Laguna as well.  It's
hard to imagine a serious rain in early May along that stretch of the PCT.

All of this might get you to Mt. Laguna in two days from Campo, given an
early start from the border.  

For big chuckle, read the warning sign about snowballs across the road from
the Mt. Laguna Post Office.  After a few days in the dessert, you won't
believe it!
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