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[pct-l] re: wind pants / Ron

 Ron writes: I would like to know where I can mail order a selection of 
inexpensive,light weight wind pants.

REI, L.L. Bean and I imagine, Campmore, has lightweight windpants. I have 
Bean's Supplex nylon wind anorak, and it's excelent quality. I think their 
wind pants are around $35-$40. I have a pair of REI Supplex nylon wind 
pants. Perhaps they changed them, but my complaint with them was at the time 
I bought them, about four years ago, they coated the inside with a light 
water repelent coating of urethane, which had a tendency to cause the pants 
to stick to bare legs. REI offers their new OTX/Pheonix line of wind wear 
that may avoid this problem.

-Ken Marlow
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